Quality and authenticity are requisite. For each step we take to bring you sustainably farmed food worldwide, the strictest standards are implemented.

We assist in enabling farmers so they can meet these compliance requirements. Farmer and partner empowerment is key to consistent premium quality organic products from the best farmlands worldwide.

The foundation of the company was built upon on time-honored values and principals. Through corporate policies and guidelines that espouse social and environmental responsibility, we set a high standard for our farmers. And we work together to achieve these quality and service provision goals. We have worked with the Foundation for the Development of Agricultural Technology in the Valleys, a non-profit organization and a leader in the agricultural sector in Bolivia, to support the sustainability efforts of indigenous Bolivian farmers and communities. The result of this has made an increase to support for a sustainable income for many farmers.

Our values and principals show through being Fair Trade Certified, which encourages our company to always emphasize equality with all of our farmers. In addition, also being a part of the SMETA program which ensures ethical labor practices to not employ children, prison labor, indentured labor, or bonded labor. With each step that we take to bring organic food to your customers, we touch lives and affect the environment. That’s why it’s important for us to encourage sustainable organic farming.