Social Responsibility

The Andean Pure Foods premium quality organic food guarantee starts from the source. Through corporate policies and guidelines that espouse social and environmental responsibility, we set a high standard for our farmers. And we work together to achieve these quality and service provision goals.
With each step that we take to bring organic food to our customers, we touch lives and affect the environment. Hence, the importance for us to encourage sustainable organic farming.

Environmentally Responsible Organic Farming

Andean Pure Foods proudly espouses environmentally-responsible organic farming practices. After all, the quality of organic food depends on how they’re grown and processed. Compliance to strict guidelines on sustainable farm operations is required. We encourage our farmers to make efficient use of renewable and non-renewable resources, while employing strategies that maintain soil health. Strategies, such as crop rotation, keep soil potent and rich in nutrients. Non-GMO chemical-free pesticides and fertilizers ensure the safety of farmers and their crops.

Andean Pure Foods is able to respond to the increasing demands for organic food because of sustainable farming practices. With less strain on farmlands and the environment, and mutually beneficial relationships with our farmers, we get the most purest organic food on the table.