Our Story

Andean Pure Foods, Inc. began with family. From the desire to sustain ours with nutritious superfoods came an opportunity to change the lives of more people. We went beyond family and reached out to the community. Today, we continue to reach out to more and more businesses and retailers through premium quality wholesale health food.

Our goal is to influence the way we eat. With healthy superfood available and more affordable, it is possible to address the ills that come with today’s toxic over-processed food landscape.

Andean Pure Foods provides wholesale health food to businesses and consumers in North America, and the rest of the world. We are on your dinner tables, and favorite restaurants and specialty food stores – making sure that you and your loved ones eat healthy authentic superfoods that come from the best organic farms around the globe.


The company was formally established in 2004. We built on our existing relationships in key locations, all over the world. At Andean Pure Foods, we stress the symbiotic nature of business, especially in expansive industries such as agriculture and the food industry. It is never just about profit. We grow as a company, when:

  • Organic farming is the norm. We want to ensure soil health and biodiversity, as well as tasty and healthy crops.
  • Farmers are healthy and share in our business’ success.
  • The global communities that we’re involved with benefit from our presence, and engage with us to continually improve practices and processes.
  • We actively promote sustainable farming, with a focus on preserving nature, and maintaining the health and viability of agricultural communities
  • We are 100% committed to full transparency and authenticity-Knowing exactly where your products originate from of the growth location, every ingredient, cleaning methods, processing cycle, certifications, and the additional steps to be tested for purity to gain your confidence in the integrity of our products. That is the philosophy we stand strongly stand behind.
  • We pride in the purity of our products because in addition to the rigorous cleansing processing method, we also go further and beyond by sending a sample from each harvest lot to a third-party laboratory for additional testing for any impurities, toxic chemicals, and for safe consumption- ensuring the products are always pure, healthy, and organic.
  • We bring good food to your table, and keep your loved ones well-fed and healthy. Andean Pure Foods embodies the best industry practices, and you can see this in each of our wholesale health food products.