About Us

Andean Pure Foods was founded upon a philosophy that you are what you ingest into your body and how the integrity of one’s life depends greatly upon one’s physical and emotional well being. From the desire to sustain ours with nutritious superfoods came an opportunity to change the lives of more people. We went beyond family and reached out to the community. Today, we continue to reach out to more and more businesses and retailers through premium quality health food. With much inspiration and desire to invigorate the  Western diet, we were able to impact the superfood industry with pure organic nutrient dense superfoods.

Our goal and intention is to influence the way we eat. With healthy superfood that is pure and organic, being more available and affordable to address the ills that come with today’s toxic over-processed food landscape.

Andean Pure Foods provides premium grade health foods to businesses and consumers in North America, and the rest of the world. We are on your dinner tables, and favorite restaurants and specialty food stores – making sure that you and your loved ones eat healthy authentic superfoods that come from the best organic farms around the world.

The company was formally established in 2006. We built on our existing relationships in key locations, such as all of South America and Europe. Our farmers, and other service partners have been with us for a long time; and this has been key to our growth.




At Andean Pure Foods, we stress the symbiotic nature of business, especially in expansive industries such as agriculture and the food industry. It is never just about profit. We grow as a company, when:

  • Organic farming is the norm. We want to ensure soil health and biodiversity, as well as tasty and healthy crops.
  • Farmers are healthy and share in our business’ success.
  • The global communities that we’re involved with benefit from our presence, and engage with us to continually
    improve practices and processes.
  • We actively promote sustainable farming, with a focus on preserving nature, and maintaining the health and viability of agricultural communities.
  • We bring good food to your table, and keep your loved ones well-fed and healthy.
  • Andean Pure Foods embodies the best industry practices, and you can see this in each of our wholesale and retail health food products.


Purity with clear transparency is what differentiates Andean Pure Foods above others. Passion and inspiration of the health conscious mind is what makes the difference in our premium superfood.

There is complete transparency from beginning to end, with full control of our crops making sure every ounce is grown organically and then processed with advanced methods such as low temperature to ensure maximum nutrition and flavor. The most important philosophy is to never compromise the integrity of the food and to just focus on the most beneficial ingredients to grow, process, and provide outstanding quality products. Purity is what we stand behind.

Social Responsibility

The Andean Pure Foods premium quality organic food guarantee
starts from the source.


Quality and authenticity are requisite. For each step we take to bring you sustainably farmed food from South America, Asia, Italy and other locations worldwide, the strictest standards are implemented.

We assist in enabling farmers and other industry partners so they can meet these compliance requirements. Farmer and partner empowerment is key to consistent premium quality organic products from the best sources worldwide.

The foundation of the company was built upon on time-honored values and principals. Through corporate policies and guidelines that espouse social and environmental responsibility, we set a high standard for our farmers, and other service partners. And we work together to achieve these quality and service provision goals. We have worked with the Foundation for the Development of Agricultural Technology in the Valleys, a non-profit organization and a leader in the agricultural sector in Bolivia, to support the sustainability efforts of indigenous Bolivian farmers and communities. The result of this has made an increase to support for a sustainable income for many farmers.

Our values and principals show through being Fair Trade Certified, which encourages our company to always emphasize equality with all of our farmers. In addition, also being a part of the SMETA program which ensures ethical labor practices to not employ children, prison labor, indentured labor, or bonded labor. With each step that we take to bring organic food to your customers, we touch lives and affect the environment. That’s why it’s important for us to encourage sustainable organic farming.

Environmentally Responsible Organic Farming

Envireco proudly espouses environmentally-responsible organic farming practices. After all, the quality of organic food depends on how they’re grown and processed.

Compliance to strict guidelines on sustainable farm operations is required. We encourage our farmers to make efficient use of renewable and non-renewable resources, while employing strategies that maintain soil health. Strategies, such as crop rotation, keep soil potent and rich in nutrients. Non-GMO chemical-free pesticides and fertilizers ensure the safety of farmers and their crops.

Envireco is able to respond to the increasing demands for organic food because of sustainable farming practices. With less strain on farmlands and the environment, and mutually beneficial relationships with people we trade with, we get the best food on your table.